About Us

Commercial Painting?

Robert Petty started the story of Commercial Painting at the beginning of a decade in 1981. 

His choice location was a small office building located off of 4th Avenue South just outside of Nashville. The painting industry had already been established in Nashville by 1981, but armed with his knowledge of the industry, it was beginning to get bigger. Leading with small talented crews of painters that were willing to work and make a name for themselves, Commercial Painting began to craft relationships with clients all around the greater Nashville area. Flash forward to 2021, and we still continue to serve Tennessee for all of its commercial and industrial painting needs. We don’t limit ourselves either; to ensure our clients have us where they need us we have our presence over parts of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Kentucky. We continue on coating the construction world in quality paint, working with some of the nation’s best clients, and setting our sights on the future as the industry continues to evolve.

So, who are we?

We are a team of extraordinary people from all walks of life that have a passion for the painting industry. We enjoy challenges that make us scratch our heads, we cultivate relationships with our clients, we remain studious, and we reap what we sow. 

Our Leadership

Need someone specific? Call our front desk at 615-242-8212 and ask for one of us below!

Jonathan D. Petty



Bobby Tate

Vice President


Mary Beth Taylor

Secretary Treasurer


Michael Haywood

Project Manager/ Estimator


Don Bufalini

Project Manager/ Estimator


Josh Haywood

General Superintendent


Mike Papageorge

General Superintendent